Celebrating 75 Years of Restwell Mattress Factory

A small business fulfilling the American dream.

Twin Cities customers have been returning to Restwell Mattress Factory for generations because they have experienced Restwell's quality, value, and integrity first-hand. Each mattress is hand-crafted and inspected in our Eden Prairie factory, by our experienced team, owned and operated by the Carlson family. Restwell proudly boasts 75 years as a trusted Twin Cities family-led business.

The Carlsons, longtime innovators in the Minnesota flooring industry, expanded their expertise into mattress manufacturing when they purchased Restwell Mattress Factory in 1990. The Carlsons brought Restwell west of the river from St. Paul and quickly leveraged their Carpet King expertise by expanding the retail and commercial business. Restwell Mattress Factory has creatively adapted and continues to thrive in the constantly changing Twin Cities mattress market since 1945.

We are proud of our legacy and want to thank our incredible community for supporting us all these years. We could not have made it this far without our customers, clients and small business network.


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