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Pillow top mattresses have revolutionized the way that people sleep and experience comfort. Usually the best option for a satisfying sleep and great for your back, this type of mattress is often overlooked.

A Pillow Top Mattress is one that has additional layers of foam & padding. The extra layer of cushioning is what differentiates a pillow top mattress from a standard one. Having the additional padding can greatly increase the comfort level of the mattress, and provides added support for the restless sleeper.

While there are many types of mattress on the market today, choose Restwell Mattress Factory for a factory direct pillow top mattress! Not only will you sleep better with the added comfort, but you will sleep easier knowing you spent less on it than you would in any retail outlet.

Contact Restwell Mattress at one of our Minneapolis Area locations in either St. Louis Park or Bloomington MN for more info regarding Factory Direct Pillow Top Mattresses.

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